10 Amazing Matcha Tea Benefits - The Calorie-Burning Booster

10 Amazing Matcha Tea Benefits – The Calorie-Burning Booster

Many of you have probably heard of matcha tea – it is growing in popularity and has many benefits to us busy human beings.

Wondering what these great and glorious benefits are?

Read below to find 10 of the amazing powers matcha tea holds:

1. Matcha Tea Reduces Stress

Matcha tea is popular among Zen monks due to it being great at reducing stress.
Zen Buddhists drank this tea as it would assist them in remaining alert during their times in meditation, while also helping them to keep calm during these long hours.

2. Matcha Tea Boosts Your Immune System

Matcha tea is great for boosting your immune system and contains many more antioxidants than you probably originally thought.

One cup of matcha tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as ten cups of normal tea.

If you need any more proof, then here are some more comparisons on the antioxidant levels:

•  6.2 times more than goji berries
•  7 times more than dark chocolate
•  17 times more than wild blueberries
•  60.5 times more than spinach

3. Cancer Preventer

Cancer is a world-wide known problem, so finding out that matcha tea can assist in preventing this, has no doubt helped boost its popularity.

This is due to the content of antioxidants that this drink contains (known as catechins), one of the most powerful being EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is thought to be a strong anti-carcinogen. What these antioxidants to is search the body for dangerous free radicals.

Research has shown that a cup of matcha tea has 137 times the amount of EGCG antioxidants unlike a regular green tea.

Matcha Tea

4. Anti-Ager

People living in Okinawa, Japan have been recognised for living the longer. Matcha green tea has a great input in this, due to these people regularly consuming the drink.

Matcha tea is also useful in combating inflammation and oxidation.

5. Matcha Tea Lowers LDL Cholesterol

Further studies have shown that matcha tea (or other extract of green teas) dramatically lowers the serum total cholesterol along with LDL cholesterol concentrations.

6. Weight Loss

Weight loss and dieting is becoming popular with people wanting to be fit and healthy, especially with Christmas approaching and the new year not far behind.

Therefore, it is interesting to find out that matcha tea which is high in catechins contain thermogenic properties and is also able to assist in promoting fat oxidation.

It is proven that consuming green tea increases the bodies calorie burning rate from 10% up to 35-43% of the daily energy expenditure.

Also, by drinking matcha green tea, your body will burn 25% more fat during exercise.

7. Matcha Tea as Detoxifier

Matcha tea is rich in chlorophyll due to the tea leaves growing in the shade. What this means is that chlorophyll apparently helps to detoxify the body. While this has yet to be scientifically proven, it is still useful to know that it can clear the harmful toxins from your body.

Matcha Tea

8. Mind Improver

Unlike your average green tea, matcha contains 5 times more L-theanine which can create alpha wave activity in your brain which will assist in relieving any stress which was originally fogging up your brain, while helping you to relax and lower your blood pressure.

9. Matcha Tea Stabilises Blood Sugar Levels

Being high in fiber matcha tea is great for stabilising blood sugar levels and assisting in easing any constipation.

10. Boost your Energy Levels

If you are suffering from tiredness at work in the afternoon, then matcha green tea is the perfect pick-me-up!

This drink will increase your concentration levels and is the perfect coffee replacement, especially since you won’t suffer from any headaches like usually would when the caffeine leaves your system.

Short Tips to Improve your Matcha Tea Experience

Matcha green tea is available as a concentrated powder and can be found at health food stores. It is recommended to buy only organic matcha, because it is produced without any artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.

Do not add matcha green tea powder to boiling water because it will taste “grassy.” Boil the water and let it sit for 5 minutes before adding the tea.

It might take some time to get used to matcha’s flavor. Give in to the power of the matcha tea!

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