10 Ways to Boost Your Focus and Concentration at Work Through Your Diet

10 Ways to Boost Your Focus and Concentration at Work Through Your Diet

Ever experienced that lethargic feeling during a long day at work?

While eating sugary foods will momentarily make you feel better, it is only a quick fix and tiredness will quickly return once again.

Small simple changes to your diet will not only get you eating better, but also feeling better.

Below are ten ways to boost your focus and concentration at work through your diet:

1. Coffee Time!

Drinking coffee between 9am-11am will help wake you up ready to complete those important tasks. Also, the caffeine will continue to work in the early afternoon.

Coffee time

2. Caffeine-Free Drinks

    • Decaffeinated Coffee: For anyone who enjoys the taste of coffee but can’t tolerate caffeine, then decaffeinated is a great alternative!
    • Green Tea: A healthy drink filled with antioxidants which helps with concentration and fat burning.
    • Mint Tea: Great for improving concentration and is beneficial if you suffer from headaches or digestive issues.
    • Water with Lemon: A lovely refreshing drink to keep you hydrated.

It is important to ensure you drink enough otherwise concentration levels and blood sugar levels could decrease.

3. Fiber-Rich Breakfasts

A fiber-rich a breakfast will keep you fuller for longer and will improve your concentration.

Fiber breakfast options:

    • Whole grain oatmeal with fresh fruit, nuts and/or seeds.
    • Non-fat Greek yoghurt with raw almonds and/or berries.
    • Sprouted grain toast with either raw almond butter or peanut butter with some fruit.
Fiber-Rich Breakfast

4. Sneaky Snacks

An ounce of raw almonds is a fantastic healthy snack to keep your energy and focus levels up, along with containing many other benefits such as helping your waistline, while being a great source of fat, protein and fiber. Eating them with an apple or an orange, which contain pectin will also improve your digestion and make you feel fuller for longer.

5. Beautiful Berries

All berries contain great antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C, along with helping to reduce stress. Blueberries will also improve your memory, mood and focus.


6. Eat Your Greens!

Vegetables contain magnesium which will uplift your energy, focus and mood, while leafy greens are fantastic sources of vitamin A, C and K.

Try and incorporate the following veggies into your diet:

  • Arugula
  • Chard
  • Collards
  • Dark lettuce
  • Kale
  • Romaine
  • Spinach

7. Say No to Sodium

Too much Sodium can make you feel tired and cause headaches; your maximum daily intake of salt is 1500 milligrams.

It is easy to go over your daily intake when you eat out, season your food and eat packaged foods, which is why we recommend you use other types of seasoning such as herbs and spices.

8. Protein Power

While too much protein isn’t good for you, eating the right amount can be beneficial, improving your concentrate and clearing your thoughts.

Protein recommendations:
• Breakfast: 10 grams
• Lunch: 10-15 grams

Protein rich foods:
• Chickpeas
• Eggs
• Lean Fish
• Lentils
• Quinoa

A lot of healthy foods contain protein such as potato and broccoli, making it quicker and easier to eat the recommended daily amount.

Egg Protein

9. Evenly Spread Your Meals

Spreading your meals evenly throughout the day makes it less likely that you will snack in-between meals.

It is also good to make sure your meals are of similar sizes so that you have enough food in your body to keep you going till the next meal.

10. Delightful Dark Chocolate

Eating a small piece of dark chocolate containing at least 85% cacao or eating raw cacao (which you could mix with your food or drink) can be beneficial while you are on a diet.

It can improve cognitive function: clearing your thoughts and improving your memory.


Now that you know these 10 ways to increase your focus at work, it’s time to give them a try!

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