5 Simple Methods to Lose Weight Fast & Healthy (based on scientific facts)

5 Simple Methods to Lose Weight Fast & Healthy (based on scientific facts)

There are hundreds of ways to lose weight FAST.

Unfortunately most of them, can leave you hungry and unsatisfied… Not really what you’re after!

That is why today I am going to recommend 5 ways to lose weight fast and healthy… remember, always based on scientific facts.

Method 1: Reduce your Intake of Carbohydrates Temporarily

Start your day with 30 grams of protein as your first meal as this will give an immediate boost to your metabolism – you can eat for example free range eggs and spinach or a whey protein shake.

Why should we reduce the intake of carbohydrates?

Our hormone called insulin, regulates our blood sugar but at the same time is responsible for storing fat in our bodies and is triggered when eating carbohydrates. So when it goes down because we are reducing carbohydrates, our body starts burning the fat to restore energy.

Bear in mind that carbohydrates are not the only culprit or the only cause of weight gain and they should not be eliminated from our diets permanently. But if you are looking to shift a few pounds fast, you need to cut them down. You’d be surprised how quickly you lose weight if your carbohydrate intake is decreased to 30-50 grams per day (yes, per day).

Eat low carb vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and cucumber.

Method 2: Increase your Protein

Beef, chicken, pork, eggs, salmon, pea protein, lentils, tofu and protein shakes. Please try to keep everything organic. The aim is to lose weight fast but at the same time we are trying to eat healthy and responsibly.


Why should we eat more protein?

  • Firstly because it reduces our appetite and we no longer feel that hungry; the result is consuming less calories in the day, which leads to weight loss!
  • Secondly, it boosts our metabolism so we’d burn more calories.

Remember the rule of 30-50 gr a day for carbohydrates? In the case of protein, we need to eat 30-50 grams of protein per meal!

Method 3: Sleep Like a Baby!

Well not quite, but try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. I know, for some people it doesn’t make sense!

Why should we sleep that… much?

  • Lack or deprivation of sleep causes hormonal disruption – it is all about hormones and them being in perfect balance – so when some hormones like insulin and leptin go a bit crazy because we’re lacking sleep, they make us hungry (and angry of course, but we’ll talk about this another time).
  • Lack of sleep is also linked with raised levels of cortisol *OMG IT IS all about hormones* – Cortisol is our stress hormone which can cause body fat.

Try to sleep in a fully dark room otherwise your sleep can be interrupted and subsequently your melatonin production  *oh please Dr, enough with the hormones * would be disturbed.

Method 4: Lift Those Weights at Least 3 Times a Week!

And I don’t mean family weights, which can be sometimes a lot heavier…

Lifting weights helps to prevent the down regulation of metabolism which can slow down weight loss.

Weight Lifting

Say what? Weight lifting —-> calories burned + maintain good metabolism ——> weight loss.

Method 5: Quality over Quantity

It is all about quality and not quantity. Actually this is not entirely true but what I am trying to say is that we should focus on the quality of food.

  • High quality lean protein (organic meat, brown rice)
  • Low carb vegetables (brocoli, spinach)
  • High quality fats (olive oil, nuts) = WEIGHT LOSS
  • Natural herbs for weight loss

Why? Hunger will do down and your overall health will improve.

So focus on the quality and not just the quantity.

And last but not least…

Water & Green Tea

Drink water and green tea during the day and especially 30 minutes before meals.

Why? It helps you consume less calories and boosts your metabolism, i.e WEIGHT LOSS


Hope you found this article useful. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like more healthy tips and natural tricks!

Stay healthy and beautiful!

Dr. Maria Karakitsou
MD (Hons) CCST Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, ENT Paeds

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