7 Good Reasons to Cutting Down on Coffee

7 Good Reasons to Cutting Down on Coffee (or even replacing it)

Coffee is an extremely popular drink that gives a lot of people the energy they need to get out of bed in the morning.

However, while coffee may give you that boost ready for your busy day ahead, we can become too reliant on it and there are many benefits to cutting down (or even replacing) this drink.

1. Sweet Dreams

Do you struggle to sleep? Part of the reason could be due to coffee.

By cutting out coffee (which will no longer be disturbing your important night sleep) you might even find that you no longer need a hit of caffeine to keep you awake during the day.

2. Adios Anxiety

Ever experienced that jittery feeling after a really strong cup of coffee?

Drinking too much coffee can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Thumping heart
  • Ringing in the ears

While too much caffeine can also trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

Cutting Down Coffee

3. Au Revoir Heartburn

Did you know that coffee is in the top ten list of things that trigger heartburn?

Both regular and decaf coffee increase your gastro-oesophageal reflux.

Due to the coffee being acidic, it increases your stomach acid levels causing heartburn.

4. Goodbye Headaches

Do you experience a lot of headaches? Coffee could be causing this.

If you are a regular coffee drinker, drinking 2 or 3 cups a day, you may have noticed headaches occurring if you are late for your next caffeine hit as your body has become too reliant on it.

5. So Slimming

While coffee can help you when it comes to losing weight, this only works if you are drinking black coffee. Meanwhile, coffee can assist you with putting weight on.

For anyone who has been drinking whole milk coffee with a topping of squirty cream, have you ever stopped and considered how many calories you are about to drink?

While the weight may not fall off, quitting coffee should make a small difference.

6. Glittering White Smile

Due to the acidic properties that coffee contains, your tooth enamel gradually begins to wear down, dimming that pearly white smile, turning it yellow. In bad cases, your teeth may even begin to decay.


7. Emotional and hormonal Stability

Food, environment, stress and pollution. All of these can change your mood and affect your hormones.

When cutting out coffee, you should notice a change in your mood, energy levels and how you ultimately feel.

Caffeine increases people’s stress hormones along with your cortisol, which affects things such as memory loss and insulin resistance.

Meanwhile, caffeine also kills emotional intelligence, which is how we deal with our own emotions along with other peoples.

Although caffeine can improve memory and our attention span, this only has a short term effect. Meanwhile, the long-term effects of drinking coffee on a regular basis are far worse.

Tips to Quit Coffee

  • Slowly break the habit of drinking coffee, it doesn’t have to be given up all at once.
  • Green Tea (or matcha tea) is a great coffee substitute as it contains caffeine in lower levels.
  • Lemon Water will help to pep you up in the morning and detox your body.
  • Healthy meals will help you to feel energised during the day.
  • Drinking enough water is an extremely important rule to follow in everyday life, but even more so to help you through caffeine withdrawal.
  • Cut out the fizzy drinks as they contain caffeine along with loads of sugar and additives.

Quit coffee and watch your lifestyle improve!

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