Calcium: For Strong Bones, Start Young

I am the proud mum of a 7 yr old son, who is generally very active and passionate about football. He would (if he could!!) jump around the sofas 24/7 non stop. And I mean it! But then I guess, that’s something to be expected having a 7 yr old in the house. To keep him fit and healthy, I give him supplements. I find them quite beneficial because they provide ingredients for a physical and mental development. One of these very important ingredients is Calcium.

Children need to strengthen their bones as they grow. A diet rich in calcium (1,300 milligrams for adolescents and teens), plenty of vitamin D from sun and food (600IU daily), and an hour of daily physical activity help build strong bones. Yet most young people fall short.

What’s worse is that drinking soda can sap bones of calcium. One theory is that a flavoring agent in soda, phosphoric acid, might cause the calcium to be lost. And as kids drink more soda, it can displace nutritious drinks like milk and fortified juice.

Juvenile arthritis, diabetes, and celiac disease can also interfere with bone building. And corticosteroids used to treat asthma can decrease available calcium. Along with diet and exercise, some children with those conditions may need nutritional supplements.

Do you take any supplements?

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