Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Facial Oil Review (30ml Tube)
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Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Facial Oil Review (30ml Tube)

Product claims

An advanced anti-aging serum, that optimises the skins natural cell regenerating and anti-ageing process. The natural properties of this rejuvenating oil, work in harmony with our proprietary blend of natural and organic actives. It provides a non-greasy facial treatment that instantly moisturises, to stabilise skin hydration levels whilst the natural age delaying phospholipids and ceramics penetrate the surface of the epidermis, leaving the skin feeling younger, smoother and softer, optimising cellular renewal and restoring skins elasticity and firmness.

Here are my first impressions!

The Good News

  • Instantly moisturises and stabilises skin hydration levels, Really makes my skin younger, and ever so soft! I usually have a light peeling prior to applying this …the result is silky!
  • Scent is relaxing, it could work for aromatherapy as well 🙂 Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients. Little really does go a very long way. It has so many fabulous uses! Great on nails, lovely on hair (especially when left on overnight)
  • My skin is combination and acne prone. This product helped a lot with my acne and reduced the appearance of my acne marks. Affordable, £13.99. I purchased this beauty with 3 for 2 deal on Holland & Barrett. The best product I’ve found for stretch marks

Not So Good News

  • It is a bit greasy on my face during the day. My make up would not last for long, although I do use a primer
  • I prefer to use it only as a night treatment
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