Mac Studio Fix Powder Review - Old Time Classic
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Mac Studio Fix Powder Review – Old Time Classic

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And yes… It was about time I would write about an old time classic in the make-up arsenal, the Mac Studio Fix Powder. I remember purchasing my first studio fix powder nearly 10 years ago, when this Mac product was the holy grail of make up artists. My skin type back then was oily and pretty acneic, so the powder seemed to be too heavy for me. The coverage was remarkable indeed but after a couple of hours my T-zone was shiny as a mirror!

Additionally it flared up my acne but to be honest that is entirely my fault as I was applying the product using the sponge but without washing it properly (you ask for it baby, that is a no-no for make up rules!) So at that point I stop using it and swore that would never use it again (never say never).

Last year however, I decided to give this lovely product another go as my skin type has been changed and became more normal in a sense, i.e less shiny and more dry. The result was the expected one and I am still using Studio fix as I write these lines on a plane from Athens to Stansted.


The Good News

  • Extremely good coverage for a powder, this stuff is amazing for skin marks or spots, please don’t over do it though as it could show and intensify more the appearance of those ugly acne spots! What is currently working for me is that I use a bit of Nars Radiant Concealer to cover these bad boys A.K.A acne scars and then continue with Mac Studio fix.
  • The coverage is built able, I prefer applying it with a brush like the one from ‘Real techniques’ for more natural look. I use the sponge for full coverage. If I put too much on, it does look cakey but this can be easily corrected by using a brush to get rid of the  excessive amount.
  • It works for almost all skin types although I feel that for oily skins it less compatible, there is however a magic thing called primer which could potentially work magically with Studio Fix.
  • Great variety of shades; I personally play between NC20 and NW25.
  • The packaging includes a mirror and a sponge so it’s ever so convenient to carry it in a bag. Want a quick touch up? No mess, no fuss.
  • It lasts long enough especially if you don’t apply as much on a daily basis.


Not So Good News

  • It is not for everyone’s budget and considered to be a high-end product with prices that vary between £22 to £25.50
  • I suspect that this texture is quite heavy for extremely dry skin. It requires -as all products- a fully moisturised skin.
  • Avoid application around the eye area as it will accentuate even fine lines

Have you tried it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this product.

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