Maybelline New York SuperStay Better Skin Foundation Review
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Maybelline New York SuperStay Better Skin Foundation Review

Claims to give you Better Skin, reduces the appearance of the visible effects of stress including bumps, dullness and redness.

The formula is suitable for sensitive skin, contains no perfume, and is non-comedogenic. It is tested under dermatological control.

I had high expectations for this product as my skin is problematic. I was hoping this product would improve the stress caused bumps and painful  spots.

I have been using this for 5 days religiously and my thoughts (as you may have guessed by now) are not positive.
Here are my first impressions!

The Good News

  • Affordable (?) £8.99. There are soooo many products out there that could beat this price easily i.e Rimmel Stay matte liquid mousse foundation, at £5.99 (BTW my holy grail of drugstore foundation!)
  • Hygienic pump
  • …That’s it actually, sorry Maybelline!

Not So Good News

  • Comes in 6 shades, but all the shades are quite orange and dark, especially when applied onto skin. This means only one thing: patches, patches, patches!
  • This make up clearly oxidises on skin. For those who are not aware of what make up oxidisation is, the non-scientific answer is that the foundation reacts with your skin and/or air and darkens. NOT pretty!
  • Light coverage and luminous finish, which it is a bit of a paradox from a make up that claims to be suitable for red and acneic skins. I would expect a good coverage for my pimples with a matte finish as well.

And don’t forget this is an open blog, so please feel free to share your thoughts and ratings about this product 🙂

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