MONQ Review: The Personal Essential Oil Diffuser | Aromatherapy Device

MONQ Review: The Personal Essential Oil Diffuser | Aromatherapy Device

MONQ Review – With the stresses that everyday life entails, there is a need to be able to relax and unwind during those rare moments when we get to take a breather.

From work, to personal commitments, life is constantly on the move. I for one rarely get a chance to relax and even when I do, I find it a struggle turn my mind off from the work and chores that need to be complete. It always surprises me and I feel a tinge of jealousy as to how people manage to find a way to relax, switch-off and destress in the evenings and on those days where they get the opportunity to simply do nothing.

Leading such busy lives, it can be easy to fall into the trap of eating junk food, drinking fizzy drinks and smoking cigarettes as a way to unwind. But us humans are learning to replace junk food for salads, fizzy drinks for herbal teas and cigarettes for electronic cigarettes.

However, what if you were told there was another way to relax in this busy environment and maybe even give up smoking for good? If these are issues you are struggling with, then read on to find the answer you have been waiting for.

What are MONQ Oil Diffusers?

MONQ oil diffusers are small cigarette shaped devices – easy to carry around in a pocket or bag so it can be with you during your everyday life – that contain a concoction of essential oils.

This object was created to help people who suffer from tiredness, stress, anxiety or who are trying to give up smoking.

How Does MONQ Work?

MONQ is a modern aromatherapy delivery device in which breathing in creates a gentle suction. This suction activates a small battery which heats up the aromatherapy liquid which is absorbed onto an organic cotton wick.

As the aromatherapy liquid heats up, it turns into a mist consisting of water vapor and carbon dioxide, along with the aromatic compounds released by the heating of the essential oils. You take this mist in to your mouth, complete with a wide variety of healthy terpenes and then exhale through your nose.

The battery in MONQ essential oil vaporizer pen is used to simply heat up the essential oils.

The batteries are of a high quality and have been previously tested to ensure they are safe to use in this device. They can reach 120 degrees Celsius before they start to deteriorate, plus there is an internal divider which helps to protect from heat.

The device poses no risk of explosion or flames.

MONQ Device Specifications – Is MONQ Safe?

When ordering any product like MONQ personal essential oil diffuser, it is always a worry to people as to whether the device is actually safe for humans to use.

MONQ provides their website users with all the information they may need to know about the device, what it is made from and what they contain, so that the users can be reassured that nothing harmful is contained in the products.

The device has a stainless steel case, which is decorated with nontoxic textured paint. The paint has been tested and does not contain any lead.

Embossed on the device is the company name and the main ingredients that are contained in the device.

How to Use MONQ?

It is recommended that people have 2 – 3 puffs of MONQ, 2 – 3 times a day.

To use this device simply take it out of its casing, have a small light breath from the end of the cylinder with the hole in and then exhale from your nose. There is no need to inhale into your lungs.

Breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose is the first step to experiencing a calming experience. This naturally relaxes your mind, however thanks to the molecules from the aromatherapy oils, drifting past the olfactory nerve endings (which are located in your upper nasal passageway) this helps to enhance your experience, therefore making it easier for your body to relax further.

It is estimated that there are 200 – 250 breaths inside every MONQ, which should last 3 – 4 weeks.

MONQ Therapeutic Air Ingredients

The MONQ ingredients enclosed in your device contains 80% soy-based vegetable glycerin and 20% essential oils.

The ingredients used in MONQ are sourced from reputable companies, all of which are located in the United States. To provide their customers with further information on the products they are looking to specifically order, every single ingredient contained in each MONQ oil diffuser, can be found on their website’s ingredients page.

MONQ make a point on their website, about how their essential oil vape pens don’t contain any nicotine, tobacco or artificial chemicals and it is something that they are proud of.

Perfect for People with Anxiety

In this day and age, mental health issues are being discussed more, the world is more accepting of these issues and more help is available out there for people who are going through these problems.

However, anxiety in everyday life is a burden that many people experience and can find it hard to escape from. Therefore, MONQ is a fantastic little device that can help people trying to put an end to this problem.

In those moments when stress is heightened, sadness submerges you, or all energy seems to be drained from your body, take a breath on one of these MONQ diffusers and let the aromatherapy oils work their magic.

MONQ Flavours & Their Benefits


It is sad to say that I personally find the stresses of everyday life can come extremely easily. Whether is it a busy lifestyle, crowded places or a never-ending flow of work that needs to be complete, if you find this statement to be true to you, then Zen MONQ is just the thing you need.

Zen MONQ contains an assortment of aromatherapy oils: frankincense to help calm your mind, orange to provide you with energy when you feel tired and ylang-ylang to relieve you of stress.

Vibrant MONQ

During those days where we may feel a little dreary – for instance on those sleepy Sundays, dreading going back to work on a Monday morning – Vibrant MONQ gives you that little boost so you can do those long-awaited tasks at home, that you have never had the time for or have been putting off.

A blend of lemon (to energise and revitalise), ginger (relieves stress while helping with concentration) and spearmint (which helps to stimulate the mind).

Sleepy MONQ

For many, bedtime is the hardest moment for those suffering from stress and anxiety. In those dark and silent evenings, it can sometimes feel as if there is no stopping or escaping those tormenting and stressful thoughts buzzing around inside your brain.

If you can relate to this situation, then the peaceful concoction of lavender, lemongrass and valerian could do just the trick to help you relax and fall asleep at night, having peaceful dreams, so you can feel revitalised the following day.

Active MONQ

If you often find you feel tired and can easily get flustered in stressful situations, then Active MONQ is here for you. With the faultless mix of orange, sage and black pepper, this oil diffuser helps to give you that small burst of energy you are looking for, while also lowering your response levels to stress.

Healthy MONQ

For people who are experiencing tense, or painful muscles, causing them discomfort, then the combination of cinnamon leaf, turmeric and marjoram is said to help provide some relief, while boosting our body’s restorative qualities.

Happy MONQ

There is nothing better than feeling happy within yourself and smiling to help boost your confidence and to relieve you of stress.

If you need cheering up, then the Happy MONQ contains a mixture of oils from plants, known to help make people smile – after all, smiling is healthy for your body.

These plants are vanilla (said to be calming and possibly even confidence boosting), thyme (enhances your concentration and helps to calm nerves) and fennel (this is best known for soothing upset stomachs, meanwhile it is traditionally known for its magical aspects, for repelling negative energy). If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, then give Happy MONQ a go.


If you feel like getting in a romantic mood (or you just love the colour pink, which is the colour of this particular MONQ cylinder), then give Sexy MONQ a try!

The beautiful combination of patchouli (known to be relaxing and sensual), jasmine (increases alertness and arousal, while being a desirable smell to both genders) and lime (alerting to the sensual), builds a sexual, sensual and desirable aroma.

MONQstyle Necklace

To incorporate this handy little device into our everyday lives, MONQ have created their own MONQstyle necklace which you can wear and hang your oil diffuser from. Not only have you got your oil diffuser there as and when you need it, but you now have a unique and awesome looking necklace you can wear whenever you want.

MONQstyle Necklace

Quit Smoking for Good – MONQ Aromatherapy

Due to the size, shape and appearance of these electronic MONQ oil diffusers, people are saying they are the perfect replacement for cigarettes and are a great way to quit smoking. You can treat it like a real cigarette, without taking in the harmful effects or the addictive nicotine from it.

MONQ Retailers Near Me – Where to Buy MONQ

You can find retailers near you to buy MONQ using the interactive map on MONQ’s website here or online in many eshops like Amazon & eBay.

What Other Customers Think About MONQ

On the MONQ website, all their products are receiving at least a 4 ½ star ratings.

People have found that the Zen MONQ (which is MONQ’s most popular product) especially helps them to relax in times when they are approaching stressful situations, or if they suffer from cases of anxiety or PTSD.

From people saying how it has helped ward off their urges to smoke to it instantly helping to relax them, giving them the motivation and concentration they need to get work done.

My Thoughts on MONQ: The Personal Essential Oil Diffuser

When it comes to essential oils, tea and changing diets to help relieve the body’s stress levels, I am willing to give anything a try, which is why I would highly recommend people who have to combat anxiety and stress in their everyday life, to give MONQ a go.

It is not only the essential oils that help calm you down and that have a positive effect on the individual, but it is also the process that you take in order to inhale the aromatherapy. Taking one or two slow soft breaths from the device, watching the end of the object light up and breathing out the vapour through your nose.

It’s all very relaxing and while the oils may not have massive life changing effects on your body, it does help in the small ways of calming you down, perking you up and helping you concentrate and get through that tough day at work.

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