Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3 6 9 + vit D Review (60 Capsules)
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Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3 6 9 + vit D Review (60 Capsules)

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3-6-9-D provides a full spectrum of omega fatty acids together with added vitamin D3, nutrients important for maintaining good health as well as supporting immune function and bone strength. Great lemon taste.

I am sure you have heard about how good Omegas acids are for our health. There are so beneficial for our mood, menstrual cycle, joints, skin and immune system.

Here are my first impressions!

The Good News

  • No fishy smell, taste, or aftertaste. My experience with other brands was not pleasant. I was turned off to fish oils because of the taste and smell. Nordic Naturals is different. I noticed that supports mental balance and it is a mood stabiliser
  • Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3-6-9-D combines a perfect blend of omega-3s (EPA and DHA) from fish and omega-6s (GLA) from borage oil to support healthy skin, hair, joint flexibility, and normal fat metabolism. Also added Vitamin D for bone, mood and immune support
  • Supports a healthy menstrual cycle. Support for joint health, I experienced some significant improvement in my joint and back pain. My skin has cleared up and looks hydrated, but I would say that it’s a result of my specific diet, skin products and unwinding methods

Not So Good News

  • Pricey £20.85 for 60 softgels, but it’s worth it

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